If you would like a professional video recording and media production of your event in Southern California, we would like to join your team! We will man multiple high definition video and audio recording devices during your event and provide editing and media rendering services.

Your event:

  • Theatrical (dance recitals, concerts, plays)
  • Sporting (game, meet, match, tournament)
  • Ceremonial (wedding)
  • Real estate sales promotion

We record differently:

  • High-definition video (1080p) recorded at 60 frames per second
    • As many as 3 cameras will capture your entire event from different angles and artistic views
    • High (e.g. 13′) and low-angle recordings will provide your viewers with astonishing perspectives of the action
    • Drone camera footage is available
  • High-fidelity stereo audio recording at 44.1kHz
    • Multiple stereo microphones are employed to capture CD-quality sound of your event from the subjects’ and observers’ perspectives¬†

We produce differently:

  • Dissolving transitions and slow-motion replays are employed tastefully to give your event the professional look you desire
  • Your custom graphics and other renderings will be seamlessly integrated into the final production¬†
  • High definition (1080p, 60fps) renderings are made available to your viewers via removable solid state media (e.g. thumb/flash drives) and online streaming
  • DVDs with custom menus and scene selections are produced for your viewers with traditional optical media players